TV producers

List of some of the TV shows we’ve helped produce:

Graham Norton’s Carnal Knowledge
Graham Norton presents a saucy adult quiz show, made for ITV, that lifts the lid off viewers’ sex habits, whether they’ve been together for several years or just a couple of days…
Graham Norton’s Unzipped

Graham Norton gets deep, down and dirty in the worlds of fashion, football, royalty, politics, television and movies. “The whole series treads a fine line between the educational and downright libelous”
Graham Norton’s Coming Out Party
An entertainment show, hosted by Graham Norton as he takes us round the gay soiree amidst canapes and Crystaal. Despite Graham’s constant rib-tickling innuendos, this glamorous TV bash focuses on gay celebrities, and celebrates their ‘coming out’, with hilarious consequences.
Here’s Johnny
One of a number of popular Rapido/Johnny Vaughan shows. “The studio-based chat show that covers all the big stories and boasts an aggressive host that cuts straight to the truth”, said Johnny…
Johnny Vaughan’s Bog Standard Chat Show
In the words of the great Johnny Vaughan himself, “This show is an up-front, straight-down-the-line-bloke-kind of show comprising a few honest laughs, a bit of cheeky banter and of course the three Ps – pokin’, probin’ and pluggin'”
The Girlie Show – Series 1
The show that invented “Girl Power” culture – and inspired the Spice Girls (who’s first television appearance was on the show). Formerly unknown Sara Cox was made a household name, and the show boasted A-list guests who queued for the opportunity to be part of this new, innovative format
The Girlie Show – Series 1
The second, bigger budget, version of the “Girl Power” show
Is Harry on the Boat? – Series 1
Will Harry be too hot for you? In the spirit of the film adaptation of Colin Butts best selling book, Rapido’s hedonistic drama series lays bare holiday reps relationships with holiday makers and locals in Europe’s sizzling party capital Ibiza.
Is Harry on the Boat? – Series 2
Dennis Pennis – Pop Gun
Welcome to this sharp toothed but glamorous magazine show in which the original ginger whinger Dennis Pennis pricks the bubbles of pop culture in Pop Gun
Yanky Panky
Join the trashy country music drag star, Tina C. as she bridges the Atlantic, uncovering the USA, truly the land of the free and freaky

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