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we here at CFTP has long been an organisation made up of filmmakers – not only producers, but writers, directors, actors and crew as well as many talented people working in associated industries including accountants, designers and lawyers.

To reflect the writers in our organisation, and the many producers and directors who work with writers or who write themselves, we offer a range of courses as well as a Script Feedback service and the popular Script Tank which gives filmmakers the opportunity to hear transcripts aloud.

To help us not look foolish we work alongside a proof reading company also based in Brighton called “Brightwords” who provide excellent proof reading, translation and transcription services which help us out massively e.g. when we are working with international clients its very useful to use their translation service to make sure our scripts are completely perfect and ready to go.

Want to read something new? Publications, Filming products, advertisement production 

The course:

  1. The Development Team
  2.  Market and Script, Genre and the Box Office
  3. Funding Development
  4. Concept and Clearance
  5. Writing for Other Media
  6. Packaging a Script
  7. Script to Shoot
  8. Development for Developers
  9. Agents, Money and Rights

This course is a 6 month programme and will only cost you £20 per month!

Helpful resources: Camelot FilmsThe filmmaking process – Learn about film

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