Do You Want to Become a Movie Star?

Top 5 tips on becoming a movie star with no experience in London

  1. Be patient but be consistent
  2. Don’t take rejection personally, try and get feedback to help you progress
  3. Market yourself and focus on your unique skill set
  4. Make yourself look the part
  5. Audition and train locally in London

The production world is very competitive so you need to make sure that you put yourself out there and show people that you have the right look.

It isn’t uncommon for movie stars, actors and actresses to undergo minor procedures to help them advance in the filming industry. Even the most minor procedures can give you the confidence boost that you need to sign up for those film auditions.

Speak to one of the many well known minor procedure specialists and see what they can do for you, from a minor teeth whitening to skin peels and dermal fillers.

The audition day is a chance to get a ‘feel’ for the position and its unique environment; you will be given plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the process. Your audition day will give you an accurate representation of the college and how it works. You will be notified within a month if your audition has been successful.

FAQ for your auditions

What should I wear?

Anything that you feel comfortable in.

Should I wear black?

We don’t require you to wear any specific colour.

What questions will be asked at interview?

The interview is for us to find out a bit about you, so don’t worry about it. See it more as an informal chat. It’s also the chance for you to ask questions.

How do I know if my audition piece is right?

At this stage we are simply looking for potential so don’t worry too much the pieces. Obviously a piece that is age appropriate might be better for you – however we understand that people might not have the resources at this stage to chose the perfect piece – after all that’s why you’re auditioning to be trained.


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