Understanding the use of advertising to promote your brand

Our digital audience is unique

They are affluent, young and influential consumers; reflecting the hyper-connected light TV viewers that frequent London’s busiest areas.

We offer advertisers a wide range of production options, from taking press copy and simply introducing subtle movement to attract the consumers’ attention, right through to film shoots and 3D graphic builds.

These services can be for TV advertisement to web promotion.

Working with your existing artwork assets, including graphics, content, print designs and online elements, we can build custom animations to fit any digital format that suits your business/production needs. Need help with filming? Click here.

Advertising merchandise that has a 89% success rate

Advertising comes in many forms, including newspaper articles, radio, television, online and OOH. All of these have an impact on the audience if chosen correctly and created an effective campaign. See more information.

One of the simplest and most effective forms of promotion for the film industry is through merchandise. Merchandise sales use product design, packaging, pricing and display to attract users to your market.

If you’re looking to create your own merchandise for a film, production or for simple business reasons, then you’re in luck. We recommend using Wrappz. You have the option of customising various products such as iPhone cases, Samsung cases, even things like cushions and drinks labels.

Creating our own masterpieces

No original artwork available? Don’t worry; we can create new ideas and templates for you to build new designs and animations completely from scratch.

We put customers at the heart of everything we do, so encourage our clients to take advantage of our cost effective creative consultancy service to help guide you through the creative process. Check out our previous work.

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